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YOU were Made to SHINE!

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   Unique children's Picture Books that deliver a Positive message

   Cindy Lu Books has the Best Childrens books! 

   Kids Books Online Available in both Traditional books 8 x 11 and eBook Form.

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   a book is  DONATED to a child ina Child who is in Foster Care, Victims Center

    or any foundation that cares for kids in NEED!  

                                         We have given away425  books  to  kids in NEED! as of Nov 16th 2016

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Please BUY a book MAKE a Difference in your Childs Life and the life of another Child.



New Collection of books Encourage young readers teaching VALUES

YOU were Made to SHINE!

series of Books Encourage young readers as Parents read aloud to them.

Child abuse awareness and prevention

A  POWERFUL  tool to teach young children safety and Proper Boundaries

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Cindy Lu Books Delivering a Positive Message

YOU were Made to SHINE!

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Anger Management      Friendship  doesn't judge by color shape or size    Safe Boundaries                Imagination